Home Security Systems

In this fast paced world, burglars increase in number. It is therefore suggested for you to make an effort to secure the safety and protection of your home and your family from the hand of individuals who have ill will. In connection this, for sure you will need the support and assistance of a reliable and trustworthy security company. Are you looking for a useful and more efficient home security system? Fortunately, your long wait is finally over since we are here to serve you regarding this matter.

CGS Fire Protection & Security Services is one of the most trusted and well respected security companies in the area of Dayton, Ohio. In our wonderful journey in the industry, we already made a remarkable contribution when it comes to the safety and protection of many homeowners in a certain community.

Why Choose Our Home Security Systems?

  • We offer a 24/7 monitoring service that can help reduce burglary in your home. Burglars may come anytime in your house. Therefore, you need to set a safety alarm system within your area that can be useful throughout the day. Definitely, we can give you that excellent home security system that you are actually looking for. As a result, you can now feel worry free and stress free about the safety of your family when you are not around in your home.

  • We provide a high class outdoor security alarm that can monitor around your house and surrounding areas. We make sure that our home security equipment are easy to use and will not cause any harm to the user. It is made with the highest possible quality to ensure the safety and protection of our valuable clients.

  • We have a professional and knowledgeable home security monitoring staff that can keep you safe all the time. We have a team that is composed of flexible individuals that are fully dedicated to excellence in terms of performing their security services. The good thing about our group is that we can work with you with a positive attitude and at the same time in a professional and productive manner. Our team has good listeners, so you can have the chance to give your comments and suggestions about our services. With us, you do not have to worry, thus we have the team that is expert in the installation of a certain home security system.

  • We can give you an excellent quality home security without spending much of your hard earned money. To reduce your financial burden, we come up to the solution of providing our services in just a very wallet friendly cost that you will surely be grateful for. With us, your budget and invested time with us are all worth it.

Our High Class Home Security Systems

Meanwhile, to further convince you to avail our excellent home security systems, here are what we can offer to you:

  • Interior siren

  • Standard keypad

  • Two door or window sensors

  • Motion detectors

  • Master control panel

  • Broadview security yard sign and window stickers

We can also provide you with a unique and high technology home alarm system that will enable you to immediately alert the police in times of needs. Do you want your family to stay secured all the time? What are you waiting for? Choose our home security systems now!