Medical Alert Systems

Enjoy the freedom of living independently with CGS Fire Protection & Security Services. We ensure to help you 24/7 365 days a year with our medical alert systems. When you can’t make it via phone call, you can still get the help that you need with just one push button. The medical alert systems that we offer provide seniors the most useful and effective way of maintaining their independent lifestyle.

They can have the joy of staying at home feeling secured, safe and comfortable. Nowadays, it’s a must to consider safety and security at all times because emergencies can happen any time. The medical alert system from CGS Fire Protection & Security Services is the key to happiness and health especially for your senior loved ones.

Our medical alert systems are made specifically to aid seniors on emergency situations. We ensure that they are lightweight and easy-to-use so elders can easily get familiar using it whenever they need help concerning their health. Our devices grant independence for seniors who are at risk of accidents and injuries. Family members and friends are also assured and contacted if ever an incident happens.

Fast Response Time

During emergencies, our well-trained staff will immediately contact and notify the appropriate responders for the situation such as the fire department, police department, medical and emergency personnel and request immediate assistance for your loved ones.

Monitoring Professionals

We have well-trained and passionate monitoring professionals who are always available to respond and give assistance 24/7/365. We have Health Emergency Response Monitoring Centers that are US-based that are always on the line to respond to any alert.

Long-Range Capability

Our personal medical help button is designed to work either indoor or outdoor, up to 300 ft. away from the base unit. We have integrated an on-the-go system that is GPS-based to give on-the-go support for active users.

Test Reminder

Our medical alert devices have a test light that comes every month as a reminder for you to test the unit to check if it functions properly or not. You can contact us immediately if there are problems after you test the unit.

Always Charged

We have improved the battery life of our medical alert systems and keep it always charged even for long hours. We make sure that every unit is designed with status lights and signal strength for easier device reading.


Our medical alert systems come in bracelets, pendants or wristbands. You can choose either of the designs and can guarantee that all of them are 100% waterproof. They can be worn anywhere, even in the bathtub and shower.

How It Works

Once an alert signal is received from our personal medical emergency response systems, you can assure that there is a monitoring professional who can deliver immediate response to you and the appropriate response agencies.

  • 24/7 Monitoring – We have 24/7 Medical Emergency Response Monitoring Centers with monitoring professionals whom you can count in helping you during emergencies.
  • Alarm-Triggered – Our medical alert systems are alarm-triggered at all times. At any time of the day, your family will be kept safe.
  • Fast Response – CGS Fire Protection & Security Services will contact fire, police and emergency departments for appropriate assistance to your home.